At CA Student Living, we exist to create communities for students to thrive because we believe higher education is the best opportunity to improve the world. We know that the leaders of tomorrow need to be global citizens, traveling far and wide, and collaborating with people from different cultures. That’s why we seek to make our properties destinations for international students, creating communities of students from around the world. Residents are encouraged to practice new languages and learn about ways of life that differ from their own.

To build diverse communities, we actively reach out to international students through unique leasing programs, direct marketing, and incentives. CA is also building its portfolio of properties abroad. Students in Bogotá, Colombia and Santiago, Chile can now enjoy the CA standard of excellence. And students traveling between countries to enrich their education can expect the same consistently outstanding experience.

Life at CA properties has a distinctly international feel thanks to our strong cultural commitment to local art and music as well as our affinity for the pedestrian lifestyle. We carefully choose locations within walking distance to universities, public transportation, services, and entertainment so students can spend more time connecting with their community and less time driving. Creating an atmosphere in which students from different backgrounds can form lasting relationships and expand their network across the globe is one of many ways CA offers a world-class experience.