Community Policy

    1. We believe a healthy and constructive environment is the foundation of a positive college experience. That’s why we’ve put comprehensive policies in place to ensure all aspects of the CA experience meet the same high standards. Our smoke free communities strictly enforce prompt trash removal. Our highly trained management teams conduct regular inspections to ensure compliance and respond promptly to any problems. Maintenance emergencies can be reported and addressed 24/7 thanks to our online resident portal that is accessible from any connected device.

      Resident safety is our primary concern. We lead the industry in this area with live-in staff on call 24/7, property-wide security cameras, electronic key access, and an advanced guest access app that allows residents to validate and admit approved guests. Live-in Community Assistants monitor the property around the clock and respond to disturbances, emergencies, and lockouts. And for an added level of security, each student bedroom has an individually keyed deadbolt.

      To ensure that all residents share our commitment to a safe and productive community, every CA resident must pass a stringent background screening and commit to following all community rules. By requiring a guarantor to back each resident’s agreement to our health and safety rules, we certify that both residents and their parents share our commitment to wellbeing. When compared to average apartment community polices, CA Student Living policies promote a much more positive, constructive atmosphere compared to average apartment communities. And when students achieve success, so do we.

      CA understands that a peaceful living environment is important to realizing your students’ full potential while working towards their degree. We seek to ensure that our communities embrace an academic oriented focus.